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Be prepared to work hard, Darren takes no prisoners! If you want to work your mind, body and soul then this is the class for you. It was by attending Darren's classes that made me take my yoga practice more seriously and when l had health problems and wanted to give it all up, Darren would coach me back. I have learnt so much about understanding my body and how to work with the postures; he takes you to a deeper level of understanding.
Thank you, Sev

I almost didn't move to Italy, because I knew it would be the end of lessons with Darren!! The best teacher I have ever had and I've been a student of yoga for nearly 20 years.

I have been a pupil of Darren's for several years and enjoy his classes very much. Darren pays great attention to detail and if you have a particular health problem he goes out of his way to try and solve it for you.

I have been going to Darren's Thursday class since February. I like his passion for deeper knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work and how we can heal ourselves through yoga. I find it very empowering.

Darren's classes are excellent. He really pays attention to detail which is so important in doing the postures correctly. I have achieved so much in the last 2 years of his classes and have really enjoyed them.

Having never been to yoga before I found starting it a bit daunting, however Darren and the other people in the class put me at ease immediately. This is a class where even if you are a beginner you can attempt all of the poses and work in a more advanced way if you're more experienced. I found that I was able to attempt things even in the first class that I would never have dreamed I could do due to the great instruction from Darren. His step by step approach allows you to pick up the skills you need easily. My whole view of yoga has changed from something that I felt wouldn't really give me much of a physical workout, to something that really pushes me and makes me feel the benefits immediately. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Cheers, Debbie

I can do things now that I couldn't a year ago. I feel like I am going from strength to strength. I used to grimace with the pain when I stood up from a chair. Now I can do a headstand and am pain free! A class is a workout that I don't dread or find excuses to avoid.
Sharon C

I first started going to Darren's class as a complete yoga novice, six months after the birth of my first son.  Almost 5 years (and a second child) on, it remains an absolutely unmissable part of my week.  Each class is unique, but always engaging and challenging, and in a totally different league to any other yoga class I've experienced.  Darren gives incredibly perceptive feedback on how each student's body is working in the asanas, pointing out ways to improve and explaining their subtleties extremely well.  Through going to his class, I have become far stronger and more supple than I have ever been in my life, and have gained huge insights into my posture and how it makes some parts of my body work better than others! 

A few months ago I finally persuaded my husband to give Darren's class a try.  Expecting something "airy-fairy" and female-dominated, he was surprised and pleased by how dynamic and athletic the asanas were, the no-nonsense but friendly atmosphere in class and the fact that there were plenty of male students as well as female ones.  He was also encouraged to see that there were students of all levels so that he didn't feel too out of place as a beginner.  He continues to attend every week, and I hope it will become an indispensable part of his life, as it has of mine.

Although I’d done 'hatha' yoga before I hadn't really felt challenged or felt that I was making any progress. All that changed after I was fortunate enough to stumble across Darren's Iyengar yoga class. I remember leaving my first Iyengar yoga practice on a real high!  Darren consistently delivered excellent, safe, disciplined teaching which I found challenging and really inspiring. His knowledge of the asanas was put across in a clear, professional and friendly way. He would break down a posture into manageable chunks and always make necessary adjustments to his students; this teaching method means you go into a pose the right way and increases your understanding of the postures. It also gives you a greater awareness of your own body. I'm gutted he doesn't teach in Scotland!
Fritha Collins

Your Iyengar class is the perfect balance between giving yourself a really good workout and feeling calmer and less stressed. Most other ones I've tried have been too much about breathing and relaxing and not enough working out. Also, they’re taught at the perfect pace and there’s a really friendly atmosphere. And even after the first month I can notice the difference in terms of how flexible I am.
Thanks, Chantelle

I found you as a teacher to be concerned and thoughtful and very caring in a way that was quite deeply balancing and that you had a strength of vision that I hadn't come across before, maybe because it was the right time for me to have met you, and you have sheltered the practice in a loving way, and also gave the class another type of dynamic which I have not experienced before. 

Darren has a way of describing the asanas that helps get you where you need to go! I made more progress in 2 years than I did in 20.

I enjoyed your classes and felt after every one that I had a great stretch/work-out and calming experience. I really miss your classes and there is none in Geneva that comes even close to what you offer.
Warmest regards, Socorro

I have not attended Darren's class for some time, due to other commitments, but the skills I learnt there have given me a lasting confidence and enthusiasm to practice by myself. Through his teaching, Darren demonstrates a clear and comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology whilst his approach to poses speaks to broad and genuine personal experience.

Darren's classes are very serious about yoga but still enjoyable to attend. We work really hard at them and he makes a real effort to check that everyone is doing the postures correctly - unlike many classes I've attended where you can 'get away' with anything. I really highly recommend Darren to anyone who's keen to learn yoga properly.

I find your yoga classes motivating and inspiring and it helps to have an intuitive teacher who is able to include a spiritual dimension to the sessions. I usually enter the class feeling rather tired after a long day but I leave the class feeling energised.

“I went from being the worst ever student to a respectable yoga pupil well done Darren!”
Cliff B


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