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Through my yoga practice with Darren I noticed I was still struggling to perform poses due to bad back pain and stiffness. After several sessions of massage, healing and Craniosacral Therapy with Darren my whole wellbeing has improved – so has my yoga! Darren intuitively knows where and how to work on areas of the body that need healing. It’s not just a massage that you get from Darren’s treatments, for me it’s been a process of emotional release. For years, I had been carrying many negative emotions and pent-up grief. My trust in Darren’s ability and feeling comfortable with his approach enabled me to cathartically release this pain.

Thank you!
S.A. Territory Sales Manager

“I took the kids ice-skating and I twisted my back falling down on the ice. This not only caused physical pains but brought up unresolved emotional issues. The combination of Craniosacral therapy and SomatoEmotional Release proved the antidote. My confidence in Darren is such that I would recommend him to anybody: he even helped my son with general concentration and attitude issues which has made a big difference for us at home.” Name withheld

I am a bit of a connoisseur of massage and Darren is the best I have come across in the UK. He has dealt with a long-standing sciatica problem which 3 other assorted professionals have failed to understand or alleviate. I knew him first as a yoga teacher and am aware of the years he has spent studying musculoskeletal interaction, via a number of different disciplines. I firmly believe he will one day become a very expensive guru. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Lindsay Williams
The Media Coach

“After 9 years, 2 MRI scans, 3 X-Rays, 2 specialists and constant pain, Darren fixed my back after a series of treatments. Thank you so much.”

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your time yesterday.
I found the session really useful and was amazed at what you did in just one hour.
Immediately afterwards my hand felt less shaky, my posture felt better and I felt a lot more relaxed and positive.
Today at work my handwriting has been a lot more fluid and has not been nearly as tense.
I am a convert to CST!
Thank you ever so much!

Matt (Treatment for Tourettes Syndrome)

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